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Unleashing Your Inner Diva: A Complete Guide to Singing and Performance

Are you ready to unleash your inner rockstar or funk sensation? Look no further than singing with Voice and Performance Coach, Sensei Carolyn’s groundbreaking online course. As the founder of and creator of this method, Sensei Carolyn has worked with everyone from shower singers to experienced performers looking to get back into the industry. This course is perfect for busy adults who want to improve their singing skills, regardless of their background or experience level.

Whether you’re a karaoke enthusiast or have dreams of performing on a big stage, this course is designed to help you find your inner child and unlock your full potential. With the flexibility to go at your own pace, you’ll learn everything from vocal technique and stage presence to song interpretation and how to handle mistakes on stage.

But that’s not all – Sensei Carolyn offers a range of extras for both group and private coaching. You can join group coaching calls, participate in peer masterminds, attend live events, and connect with other singers in a social media group. For those seeking more individualized attention, private coaching calls, in-person VIP days, and email support are also available.

So what is Vocal Euphoria, exactly? It’s that feeling of pure joy and excitement that comes from singing with confidence and passion. And with Sensei Carolyn’s guidance, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that feeling every time you step onto the stage. Don’t wait – sign up for this course today and start your journey towards vocal euphoria!

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The Fundamentals of Singing

The Fundamentals of Performance

Ear Training

The 5 Vocal Elements (Assignment?)

Before and After (Assignment?)

Learn Solfège (Assignment?)

Warmups Part 1 – Do Re Do (Assignment?)

Warmups Part 2 – Do Ti Do (Assignment?)

Warmups Part 3 – 3’s (Assignment?)

Warmups Part 4 – 4’s (Assignment?)

Warmups Part 5 – AEIOU Slow (Assignment?)

Warmups Part 6 – AEIOU Fast (Assignment?)

Vocal Registers

Vocal Range Categories

Musical Styles and Genres

Song Interpretation and Performance

Record and share


Microphone Technique (Bonus?)

How to Memorize a song (Bonus?)

How to make mistakes like a pro (Bonus?)

How to Be Teachable (Bonus)

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