Private Lesson Discount Package Fees

Private Lesson Package Fees

You Pay:
# of Sessions:
Price per Session:
You Save:
Perfect for:


1x 45minFirst Lesson$85


new students!


3x 45minin 4 weeks/28 days$75


new or returning students


5x 45minin 6 weeks/42 days$70


new or returning students


7x 45minin 8 weeks/56 days$65


new or returning students


10x 45minin 12 weeks/84 days$60


new or returning students


15x 45minin 17 weeks/119 days$55


new or returning students


1x 45minpay-as-you-go$85


returning students/no commitment

Discount Policy

Pay-as-you-go vs Sale Packages

These fees and packages are priced to fit any budget. Plenty of options, so be sure to choose a package that works best for you!

  • Pay-as-you-go means no commitment, no discount, no set schedule.
  • Sale Packages mean the more sessions you get in a package, the cheaper it is per session, but there’s a catch! All sessions in a package must be scheduled before their booking deadline, or pay-as-you-go pricing will apply.

Fees and Packages are available for:

  • Singing
  • Public Speaking


  • In-person or online via webcam


  • New or returning students
  • Beginner or advanced
  • All Ages


  • Private one-on-one sessions
  • Available Online or In-Person
  • Price per student
  • Applicable taxes (13% HST) will be applied at checkout
  • All fees are subject to change without notice
  • All fees are non-negotiable, non-refundable, and non-transferable

Package Rules:

  • Packages must be prepaid in one payment.
  • All sessions in a package must be scheduled before the booking deadline.
  • If you cancel a session for any reason, a make-up session must be scheduled before the booking deadline, or you will lose that session; additional fees will apply.
  • Do not reschedule your package sessions outside of the booking deadline, or additional fees will apply.
  • See individual session package rules below for full details.

Recommendation: It is recommended to leave at least one day between bookings to complete homework and give your voice a chance to rest.