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life coaching

Get Out of your Own Way

Life Coaching helps you to achieve personal goals, identify issues such as work–life balance and career changes, while focusing on your present, and seeking to guide you into a more desirable future. I get you out of your own way, so you can find your true voice, and "conquer stage fright". This is a co-creative, equal partnership to help you to develop skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment. As a coach, I stand with you to help you identify those challenges, then work with you to turn your challenges into victories, and hold you accountable to reach your desired goals, whether private, one-on-one, in person, online via webcam or group workshops.

Fees and Packages

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Perfect for achieving personal goals and identifying issues such as work–life balance and career changes

  • One-on-one, private life coaching session
  • In-person inside the VE studio
  • Or online via webcam
  • Limited spots available

Currently Accepting New Clients

Fees and Packages

Life Coaching Package Options

Info and Descriptions


A private one-on-one, 45min, introductory life coaching session for new clients who are ready to identify challenges and improve their lives.

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A private one-on-one, single (45min), pay-as-you-go, life coaching session for returning clients who have completed the intro session.

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Work to reach your desired goals! Schedule 3x 45min, private, one-on-one, sessions, to be completed in 4 weeks.

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Fees and Packages

Life Coaching Fees

Private one-on-one
In-Person at the VE Studio OR online via webcam
Price per client + 13% HST
1x 45min introductory session
1x 45min single session
3x 45min sessions in 4 weeks

Essentials Life Coaching Package Rules

  • You have 4 weeks to complete 3x 45 min sessions.
  • If, for any reason, you do not complete all 3x sessions within 28 days, you will no longer qualify for the $225 Essentials Package Discount, it will revert to pay-as-you-go at $85 per Life Coaching session and therefore a $30 fee will apply.
  • 28 days begins on the date of your first appointment booking, so be sure to schedule all your package sessions before the deadline or risk losing your remaining sessions.
  • You may choose to book either (a)1x 45min session per week or (b)2x 45min sessions per week. (Sorry, no doubles)

Sale Packages Rules:

  1. Packages must be prepaid in one payment.
  2. All sessions in a package must be scheduled before the booking deadline.
  3. If you cancel a session for any reason, a make up session must be scheduled before the booking deadline or you will lose that session, additional fees will apply.
  4. DO NOT reschedule your package sessions outside of the booking deadline or additional fees will apply.
  5. It is recommended you leave at least one day between bookings to complete homework and give your voice a chance to rest.