Speech Prep

speech prep Vocal Euphoria


What to prepare for your very first session:

  • A 3-5 min speech, presentation, elevator pitch or monologue.
  • Pick a speech you know and love. Keep it simple!

Important to know:

  • Bring your notes, script, speech or presentation
  • YES you may read your speech but I suggest you try to memorize it
  • Please time your presentation so you don't go overtime
  • This is NOT AN AUDITION. I just want to hear your voice.

What to bring for every session:

  • Pen and note pad
  • Personal recorder/cell phone to record specific exercises

(No, you do not have permission to record entire sessions)

Benefits of Public Speaking Lessons

  • Learn to present
  • Enhance your tone
  • Practice speech
  • Try new presentations
  • Exercise improvisation
  • Embrace storytelling
  • Take control of your stance, stage presence and body language
  • Improve clarity and projection
  • Overcome stage fright
  • Have fun
  • ...and much more

General Rules and Etiquette

Online Lessons:

  • Find a private, quiet, secluded space with good lighting where you can sit as well as stand
  • Keep webcam in one place, do not hold laptop, iPad etc in your hands.
  • Let's avoid interruptions and minimize distractions:
    • Test your webcam, sound and mic prior to session
    • Ask other people in your household not to disturb you
    • NO SPECTATORS on or off camera please

In-Studio Lessons:

  • Students who are parents, to minimize distractions, please do not bring your child/children/toddler(s) into our session. If you cannot find a babysitter, please reschedule!
  • Kindly ask friends or family to wait outside. No spectators please.
  • Upon the first visit students who are children, 17 and under, must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
    • We can all sit down and chat for a few minutes and once your child is comfortable to proceed with the lesson you may wait In the waiting area. If you leave the building please return on time.
    • If your child is not comfortable then you may stay but please keep in mind that one-on-one lessons with children are significantly more effective without distractions.

Cancellation Policy for Private Sessions

24hrs notice is required to cancel or reschedule a private lesson. Less than 24hrs notice and you will lose that session. To cancel or reschedule go to the emailed booking confirmation, click CANCEL/RESCHEDULE, and follow the instructions.