Educate Package (15)


Sing Like Nobody's Watching

Educate Singing Lessons

Find your true voice, reduce stage fright and just sing!

New students:

  • 1x 45min introduction session + 14x 45min lessons in 17 weeks
    • Sing/perform two songs of your choice
    • Apply 5 Vocal Elements and exercises
    • Learn/review solfège and warmups
    • Push range - high notes
    • Push range - low notes
    • Sing and perform songs
    • Work on stance, stage presence and body language**

Returning students:

  • 15x 45min lessons in 17 weeks
    • Review warmups
    • Push range
    • Practice vocal exercises
    • Enhance performance skills
    • Sing and perform songs**

Improve your tone, range, clarity, projection, rhythm, tuning, stance, stage presence and body language.

Type of session:

  • private 1-on-1
  • in-person
  • or virtual (online via webcam)

**Each student has different needs and learn at a different pace. Lessons are customized accordingly 🙂

Vocalist, Entertainer, Actor, TED Talks Speaker, Voice and Performance Coach:


  • You have 17 weeks to complete 15Ă—45 min sessions.
  • If, for any reason, you cancel and do not reschedule within 119 days of booking, you will lose all remaining sessions.
  • The Euphoria package is restricted to a 17 week/119 day booking deadline.

24hrs notice is required to cancel or reschedule a session. Less than 24hrs notice, you WILL lose that session.

Master Class+ Song Instructions

Singing Lessons Fees

Private one-on-one
In-Person at the VE Studio OR online via webcam
Price per student
Intro or Energize:
1x 45min introductory OR single drop-in session
3x 45min sessions in 4 weeks
5x 45min sessions in 6 weeks
7x 45min sessions in 8 weeks
10x 45min sessions in 12 weeks
15x 45min sessions in 17 weeks
Master Class+ Song Instructions