Spill the Tea

Discover Your True Voice and Conquer Stage Fright

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Spill the Tea is a great opportunity for nervous students to improve and hone their presentation and public speaking skills. Learn to use new techniques to improve your clarity, volume, tempo, poise, improvisation, eye-contact and so much more. This workshop is perfect for spoken word artists, rappers, storytellers, actors, debaters, presenters, poets, and anyone else who wants to practice communicating confidently in front of a small or large audience. Beginner and advanced students are invited to enhance their performance skills and conquer stage fright. Each performer will receive constructive feedback, from Vocal Sensei, Carolyn Thompson, in a warm and friendly environment. If you are sick of performance anxiety, this is the workshop for you!

  • 6 week Workshop
  • Tuesdays @ 4pm (1hr)
  • begins November 9th, 2021

$234 per person

Do you need any experience? Nope.
Do you have to be perfect? Heck no


Workshop, spill the tea

How to Register!

  1. Book online
    • check your email for (a) the appointment confirmation and (b) an invoice
  2. Send payment
  3. IMPORTANT!!! Read appointment confirmation email for prep instructions!

Btw ...You may schedule private one-on-one public speaking lessons for more intensive skill building

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