Spill the Tea

Discover Your True Voice and Conquer Stage Fright

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Converse with Confidence!

Spill the Tea

Practice Public Speaking!

Spill the Tea is an engaging public speaking practice class designed for students grappling with performance anxiety. This class focuses on enhancing vocal tone, range, clarity, and projection, while also fostering poise, improvisation skills, and eye-contact. It's an ideal platform for speakers, spoken word artists, storytellers, actors, debaters, presenters, and poets, or anyone aiming to sharpen their communication skills for confident speaking before any audience size. Participants will receive insightful, constructive feedback from the Vocal Sensei, Carolyn Thompson, in a nurturing and supportive setting.

2024 Winter/Spring Season

Tuesdays  - January 9 to May 14

Kids: 4pm to 6pm - $360

Adults: 7pm to 9pm - $480

  • per season
  • per person
  • Non-refundable, non-transferable, non-negotiable

Registration Deadline is Dec 30, 2023

How to Register!

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  • In-person
  • Limited Spots available
  • No Guests please. Kindly have family and friends wait outside.

Do I need any experience? Nope.

Do I have to be perfect? Heck no

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