Life Changing

There are not enough glowing words to describe Carolyn, but it would be wrong not to try.

I’ve never been comfortable singing, and after many years, took the leap in reaching out to Vocal Euphoria to book a lesson.

The website is so easy to navigate, and you can book your lesson right there, on a calendar, no phone call required! And the helpful and detailed reminders ensured I didn’t forget the lesson, or any of the preparations for it.

I have never sung in front of anyone, and I was amazed at how easy it was, with Carolyn. Her warm, welcoming, playful energy makes it impossible to be self conscious.

In one lesson I went from utter terror to belting out my favorite song. She patiently, but efficiently, taught me so much within an hour that the difference between my first attempt and my last sounded like two entirely different people.

If you have ever wanted to feel more confident in your singing, if you have ever wondered about how singing really works, if you have ever wanted to have a powerful singing voice, Carolyn is the answer to all of that, and so much more!

Do yourself a favor, and take one lesson. It will change everything.

A. Paterson