unmistakable passion

“From the minute she enters a room, Carolyn’s presence exudes a tangible, enchanting warmth, confidence and positive energy that magnetically draws people to her.  Her friendly and inviting nature places people at ease and lets them know it’s going to be a good time.  All of this shines through her powerful, rich and soulful voice that blows me away each and every time I hear her perform.  To coin a term, she has a “beltability” that conveys her unmistakable passion for music and life.  When she is accompanied by her amazing band, it’s a fantastic show. I know why she is one of the top performers on the Toronto music scene – if you haven’t seen her perform, be sure to catch the next gig or go to the weekly jam!  The calibre of talent playing at this jam is unmatched! But beyond the music, for me, it’s the collaborative, welcoming environment Carolyn sets at her jam that is the main reason I drive an hour each way every week to be there.

Gina Pennesi
Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Guelph
Issues Officer by day Singer – by night!