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Singing, Acting and Public Speaking Tips, Hints and Tricks

Tips, Tricks, Quotes, and helpful hints for singers, actors, public speakers and performers whether you are a beginner or advanced.

To become a better singer, immerse yourself in music.

Song Instructions

Be patient with yourself and you will learn faster.

speech prep

To loosen up, dance while you practice your song/speech.

Exercise/energize hours before you perform. Run, swim, yoga etc.

Have a cold? Drink warm liquids and rest before you perform.

Drink water. Stay hydrated!

Practice everyday in front of a full length mirror.

Listen to yourself. Appreciate the good, fix the bad.

Don’t stop just because you made a mistake. Keep going!

To avoid vocal fatigue, warm up hours before your performance.

No one cares about your mistakes more than you.

Smiling opens the sides of your mouth and helps with projection.

Listening is equally as important as singing or speaking. Be teachable!

Humming is an excellent vocal warm up.

Singing Lessons

Mumblers are never taken seriously. Open your mouth and people will listen.

song prep

Practice daily in the shower. The steam helps open up your sinuses.

Relax, slow down, take your time and don’t rush. Less is more!

Sing every day.

Be teachable.

If you are talking over someone else, then you are not listening.

Impromptu Theatre

If you’re trying to think of what to say next, then you are not listening.

Everyone has a talent. Many choose to ignore it.

script prep

It’s not about you, its about connecting with the audience.

Participate in open mics, karaokes, spoken word, poetry jams and improv.

Public Speaking Lessons

Wanna hit that high note? Try opening your mouth!

It’s better to hit a wrong note than to make excuses.

Bigger is better. Don’t hold back!


Stay focused on your goals.

Use stage fright to your advantage. The more scared you are, the bigger you should be.

Stage Fright

You can only teach yourself so much before you hit a wall.

Singing is storytelling. Singers are storytellers.


You are never too old to learn to sing.


Focus on the message and stage fright becomes less important.

When you perform, Smile! If you think you’ll look silly then consider what it looks like when when all you do is frown.