Karaoke Prep

Karaoke Prep

Everything you need to ROCK Conquer Karaoke

What to Bring?

  • Karaoke tracks
  • Water
  • Good sense of humour
  • Open Mind (be teachable)
  • Your voice 😉

Every Conquer Karaoke will have a theme

Themes can be interpreted any way that you want when you perform your song.

  • the theme word can be in the song
  • the song can be about the theme
  • the theme reminds you of a song

Be creative! Keep it simple 🙂

Suggestions are always welcome!


Benefits of Master Class:

  • Overcome stage fright
  • Try out new techniques
  • Learn from fellow students
  • Perform in front of an audience
  • Get feedback
  • Improve your skills
  • Perform solo, duo or even trio
  • Learn to sing, unrehearsed, with piano accompaniment
  • Keep it simple
  • Have fun

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS!!! How to Prep for Conquer Karaoke

Please choose 3x songs total

  1. Song #1 (must be memorized)
    • mp3 or karaoke track
    • for feedback and technique
  2. Song #2
    • mp3 or karaoke track
    • no feedback
  3. Song #3 (just in case, if there is time)
    • mp3 or karaoke track
    • no feedback

4 min long, maximum, each

YouTube or instrumental track:

  1. purchase and download a clean instrumental track (in your key) at karaokeversion.com or choose a free instrumental/karaoke video on You Tube
  2. you may use your phone/mp3 player or send your tracks/links to carolyn@vocaleuphoria.com prior to class
  3. tracks must be instrumental/background music only (no lead singer)

Please do not use any you tube videos labelled "Karafun". They always have very faint lead vocals.

It's recommended that you memorize your songs 🙂

How to memorize a song ...FAST!

  1. Write out the lyrics while listening to the song without looking at the words.
  2. Trust yourself and sing it once without looking at the lyrics (turn the sheet over)
  3. Allow yourself to make some mistakes.
  4. When you are done singing it once, pick up the lyrics and look for the spots where you forgot the words.
  5. Sing it again without looking at the lyrics (turn the sheet over)
  6. Repeat this process until all the words are memorized

You will be surprised how fast the lyrics and the rhythm sink in!

Now find a karaoke track or pick up your favourite instrument and sing along 🙂

Solo, Duo or Trio?

Now, if you want, you can connect with fellow students and perform your songs as a duo or trio!

  • Each song performed as a duo or trio counts as one of your two songs whether you sing backups or lead
  • If you want, you may book a private session as a group to practice. If you purchase(d) a package of private one-on-one sessions then you may use one of those sessions toward your group session.
  • You may schedule private one-on-one singing lessons to work on your songs and mic technique

General Rules and etiquette:

  • Please read the emailed Vocal Euphoria Appointment confirmation and reminders for rules, instructions and directions.
  • Be courteous and on time. Arrive 15 min prior to workshop.
  • The front doors are always locked but someone will come and let you in.
  • Student performers can bring family or friends as guests. $10 each