positive role model

“This summer, my 15 year old daughter expressed interest in getting vocal lessons / coaching. After thoroughly researching potential coaches online, Carolyn Thompson is 1 of 3 who made my shortlist. She was also the first one I contacted (out of the 3). Needless to say, when Carolyn and I spoke on the phone, I knew immediately that she is the right fit for my daughter and I booked sessions with her. My daughter is quite opinionated and she will let me know right away if it wasn’t working out…. We’re still with Carolyn as we speak so that says a lot! I noticed several encouraging changes in my daughter’s demeanor right away – increased confidence, improved verbal expression, positive self-esteem, not to mention an amazingly strong voice that my daughter was delighted and happy to find within herself. It’s hard enough to be a teenage girl these days, and I am a believer in continuously supporting and encouraging my daughter throughout her transition to adulthood. I am relieved to find someone like Carolyn in our community. She is a positive role model for my daughter (and for others who are lucky enough to cross paths with her).

Elaine De Marzo-Robins, PMP
Rogers Communications Inc
Program Manager